Meet Me Among the Wildflowers

Today I am sharing my favorite shoot to date, a wildflower shoot. When my husband took me to see the wildflowers in Lake Elsinore a few weeks ago, I was amazed at how beautiful they were! I had never seen anything like it. I stood along the trail looking out in awe at millions of orange dancing poppies and thought I have to style a shoot inspired by this moment, and that is how this shoot came to be. I imagined an intimate table for two, among the wildflowers, and we didn’t have to travel too far to come across a sea of tall mustard seed flowers as tall as the table. I wanted a floral installation that would blend in with the beauty nature had already provided, but not distract from it. The bouquet was playful, with various shaded of yellow. Martina photographed the day and wow was I taken back by her images! She is so unassuming, yet her talent it unparalleled. Jessica and Crosby were the photographed couple and they made it easy, they are clearly in love! Jess is a creative director IRL so she understood the vision and brought it to life. Her instagram is to die for! I didn’t have time to get a bunch of vendors involved so I just sourced all the props from target and home goods, I really love how it turned out.