Styled Studio Shoot

Today I am sharing photos of this studio shoot I organized. It took a lot of work, as most shoots do, but I was lucky enough to work with some truly talented creatives to see the vision in my head come to life. I wanted to create a clean, modern look, with organic textures drawing specific inspiration from a pinterest photo I saw of a cheese board with honeycomb. I stumbled across the photo and was in awe of how intricate the honeycomb looked, I had never seen honeycomb in such detail, and I loved how the comb is opaque in some areas and glossy and vibrant in others, they are truly a masterpiece.

When I saw the Keegan Dinner Plates from Anthropologie they reminded my a lot of the honeycomb. They are a muted yellow, yet look really sophisticated, which is hard to find, and the other half of the plate is a creamy white with a crackled design, I swear it was like they were made for this shoot. I’m obsessed with them.

The dress was provided by Floravere, it is their Y. Kusama dress and it has a detachable cape! You can’t get much more modern than that. It fit the model perfectly. Hair was done by my dear friend Taylor, she pinned up the hair loosely and left some wispy pieces in the front, she is so talented at hair. Jade did the make-up which looked literally flawless. I have know Jade for many years, she use to own bridal make-up artistry company, although she doesn’t take clients anymore, she offered to work on this shoot with me and it was so nice collaborating together after so many years.

I wanted the invitation and menus to have organic textures and clean modern lines. Jackie of Jackie Chen Design created the most stunning invites and menus ever! It was more than I envisioned and I literally want to get married again just to have her create something for me. Hot Hands bakery supplied the cake, it had a concrete design and I flowered it up with hellebores and spirea. I love how it turned out. For the flowers I left the palette neutral, incorporating yellow subtly. I used a lot of greenery and spirea branches to create an arch and designed a floating greenery installation above the table using mostly deflexus, which gave a fuzzy vine like appearance, and allowed the install to have a lot of movement. The vision was beautifully photographed by Mark of Genevia Photography.